Lapidary Services
Gem Cutting - Gem Polishing & Gem Lapidary Services


R Gems can handle any type of gem cutting, gem polishing and repair work including specialty designer work. Our team of gem cutters have many years of experience in gem lapidary services and are true professionals. We maintain a large supply of assorted gem rough materials to meet any demand for cut gems from our customers. We can take that gem rough stones and fashion it into any size, cut or shape. Our gemstone cutters will turn those rough stones into the perfect cabochon, faceted, free-form or carved gem you desire.

Rgems also maintains a large inventory of cut cabochon and faceted colored gemstones for the jewelry industry in a variety of sizes, colors, cuts, and type of precious and semi precious gemstones.

Our Gem Lapidary services include:

Cutting gems from rough material to your specifications

Repair and gem polishing to restore stone

Replacement of broken or missing gems

Repair chipped or damaged stones

Re-cutting, re-sizing and re-shaping

Opal in-lays

Pearl drilling


Custom designer gems

Rush Cutting Services available

Do you have any gems that need repair? Do you own a piece of jewelry that's been damaged or lost its shine? How about a gemstone ring or pendant that you'd love to wear again but don't because its scratched, dull or chipped? Our company can help. We can restore your gems to their original state at a reasonable price.

Rgems can provide gem lapidary services to anyone, anywhere. We work in-person, over the phone, or via the internet. Give us a call or email us to discuss your request and get a price quote. When you call please be sure to ask for Maykel Rieth and mention that you found us on the web. We will do our best to provide you with superior gem cutting and gem lapidary services in a timely, professional way.



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