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We are professional gemstone cutters and gem wholesalers of precious and semi-precious colored gemstones located adjacent to the diamond district near Rockefeller Center. We are one of the largest gem cutting operations in the United States. Rgems can do what our competition can't. We can offer "rush" gem cutting, gem polishing, pearl drilling and gem repair service as needed. We can provide our local and distant customers with expedited lapidary services in most cases.

Our New York City gem cutting facility is equipped with the latest in lapidary tools and lapidary machine technology, allowing our craftsman to bring you quality and precision work. Visit or call our Manhattan store and let us provide you with quality workmanship, customer service, and competitive prices in New York.

Rgems can now offer our cut gems and gem cutting services to jewelers, designers, artisans and customers from around the globe. We also take orders from "rockhounds" with gem rough who want to cut gems from their natural collected gem stones. We can work with you through fax, email, or telephone to provide quotes on any type of gem cutting service or the purchase of loose gemstones.

Browse our site, we offer thousands of gems like rubies, sapphires, emeralds, opals, tanzanite, and an an array of natural and carved gemstones, unique gem specimens and rare collector pieces you can purchase online that you will not easily find anywhere else.

And remember, contact us first for a quote on any gem lapidary services you need from gem cutting and gem polishing and repair work to custom designer services. We strive to provide you with the quality and service you and your precious or semi-precious gems deserve.


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