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Lapidary Services & Wholesale Gemstone Dealer



We sell rough & cut stones as well as lapidary services, drill stones & pearls.

We have the most qualified group of gemstone cutters, along with the best tools, and machines to help you make your designs successful.

For many years we have collected a variety of rough stones around the world. R-Gems offers different types of stones. We make all specialized services for the industry with unbelievable prices. This feature has made R-Gems one of the most complete gemstone dealers in the market of rough and lapidary services in the USA.


About our services:   We repair old gems, broken gems and supply missing gems in jewelry . We polish & reshape stones, drill holes, and make any type of carving.

Designers, students, jewelers and collectors can meet us at our office in Manhattan , next to Rockefeller Center.

R-Gems can do the best for your jewelry projects and have all things for your collections and designs.




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