Gem Repair
Rgems expert gemstone repair


Our business is based on the expert craftsmanship of our team of professional lapidary artisans. We have many years of experience in gem cutting and gem repair.

We cut gems to fill orders for new pieces of jewelry as well as in the gemstone repair process. If you have a gem that is damaged or chipped, we may be able to repair your gemstone. If repair is not possible you may choose to have a new gemstone cut to replace the broken piece.

If a gem is scratched or dull it can be polished to shine like new. If your gemstone is chipped, we may be able to polish out the chip. If the piece is badly damaged we may be able to re-cut the stone to salvage it.

Whatever the case is we can help. You can send us your item for evaluation and a price quote. Call RGems and ask to speak with Maykel. He can answer any questions you have.









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