Gem Polishing
Polishing gemstones


Gemstone polishing is the final phase of the gem cutting process. In the hands of a skilled lapidary the resulting polished gem becomes ready for mounting in a piece of jewelry. Bringing the gem rough through the sawing, cutting, shaping, grinding and polishing process is what our craftsman are highly skilled at doing.

Gem polishing is also often performed for customers as a method of gem repair. Gemstones are brought to us that are dull, scratched or chiped. We can give new life to your gems by polishing them to remove scratches and chips. Gem polishing alone will brighten a dull lifeless stone and make it appear new again.

If you'd like to save and restore that old ruby or onyx ring. You can save some money and bring back that precious or sentimental gemstone jewelry by having us polish those worn sapphire, emerald, or tanzanite gems back to their former brilliance. Call us for a price quote today. We'd be happy to assist you.






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